About Us

About our Company.


JOINTDEAL is a leading global manager of alternative investments with six lines of businesses including: private sales, real estate deals, absolute return investments, decentralized crypto infrastructures, loans management, and strategic capital.

JOINTDEAL LTD - is a official registered and Certified Company of England and Wales with Company Number: 14188737 (License)

In 2022 we began as a pioneer in private deals, acting as a bridge between our company members and the rest of the world. Over the deal-by-deal we have learned from every contract and market cycle to build client relationships that are offering a diverse and truly global investment portfolio.

  • Fast and Easy Money making worldwide Joint Deals.
  • Earning direct from your mobile phone.
  • Freedom and Independence.
  • Earn huge commission from your referrals.

We are hiring people with flexible schedules for the regional manager positions. All you need is to work online anytime anywhere direct from your mobile phone to make daily profit. Join our team and start your path to wealth.

Best Place To Earn Money Online

Everyone knows that money should work for you, not you for them. Whether you want to start earning a regular part-time income or are looking for quick extra cash, our company can help you get there.




Joint Deals





Benefits And Facilities

JDeal.app - provides our members with the best flexible opportunities in the financial system.

We're Certified

We are Certified Company of England and Wales with Company Number: 14188737. You can check it by your-self. Everything is fair and transparent.

We're Secure

We will not share your personal information with third parties including public organizations, corporations or individuals.

We're Profitable

Our company helps our members to earn money quickly and easily by making simple joint deals around the world with daily profit withdrawal.

We Accept Crypto

For a faster way of anonymous payment we accept Crypto with every our Transaction. Crypto Currencies have lower fees than any Bank System.

Best Support

Our support works 24/7. JDEAL’s respectful assistants will answer any questions you have as quickly as possible.

We're Global

We are hiring people with flexible schedules from all around the world for REGIONAL MANAGER positions. Create a team with your friends and family and start YOUR path to wealth.

Frequently Asked Question

In order to make every customer more successful we’re giving them the exact information they need right when they ask for it.

Binance.com is the best place to buy, sell, trade and hold USDT easily. Signing up for a Binance.com account will allow you to buy, sell, and hold cryptocurrency.

You will receive income from daily joint transactions, as well as a commission for each deposit and daily income of all your referrals up to the 3rd level.

JOINT DEAL is an online financial platform that aims to provide an efficient and ethical earning service to individuals and small businesses. Our platform will allow our members from all income brackets to invest their savings ethically and efficiently by becoming an informed investor.

To become a member of our huge family and use the services of our platform you must register and purchase a membership plan.

Minimum membership plan price in our system is 120$

To be a Regional Manager you should invite 25 people minimum. All of them should have a Membership Plan. To be a Team Leader you should invite 10 people. All of them should have a Membership Plan. After that you need to contact our support managers.

You can withdraw your funds only once a day.

Yes ! You can have any amount of Accounts with Membership plan.

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